Day 3 – Favourite Comedy

Holy shit, if I thought I had struggled with the past two posts – I sure as shit struggled to decide with this one. As someone who sees themselves as something of a comedy geek, this is equally difficult for me as just generally picking my favourite film. There are so many comedy films I have loved over different periods of my life, and there are so many different sub-genres of comedy that perhaps when asked to pick an outright comedy many people would shake their heads at you. So, in this case, I decided to pick a comedy that is undeniably just that. One that I have watched probably as much as any other. One that has stuck with me throughout time. For the purposes of this article at the very least, my favourite comedy is Superbad.

One of the big factors that can affect the way you enjoy a film is the context in which you first saw it, and for me, that is probably the case. As a boy in my early teens, I could relate to the characters of Evan and Seth and their desire to impress. Similar to the way that Inbetweeners appealed to people like myself, their lovable loser characteristics were something I found relatable. However, unlike many things that rely simply on a sense of sentimentality to keep you interested – this is a film that still stays with me to this day.


For one major example of that fact, I point towards the cast and crew. For me, this was an introduction to the work of Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and even the comedy behemoth Judd Apatow. This isn’t the only bit of these peoples’ output that I have enjoyed, I have gone on to enjoy much of their work – whether together or completely separate – and I think I have this film to thank as my gateway to enjoying their work. From Scott Pilgrim to Girls, without this film introducing me to their names I can’t guarantee that my comedy experience would be the same.

One of the most incredible things about this film, as rife with dick jokes and stoner humour as it is, is that it appeals to literally everyone I know. From my dad to my highly academic friends – I would struggle to recall anyone that I’ve met that didn’t love this film. It is full of classic Seth Rogen stoner humour, but it is also a clever commentary on a certain point in life that everyone can relate to.


One other thing that is to be said for this film along a similar line is that it is a highly-quotable piece of work. Whether it is Seth’s policy on back-scratching or the “boop boop” of the drunken nose tapping, many of me and my friends would recount lines from this film to one another. Although there are many films that people choose to quote, I should go on record to point out that neither I nor any of my friends are the kind of people that would usually reference films or television shows to each other all that much. We may have similar tastes, but we tend to conduct our conversations without quoting our favourite sitcom every 30 seconds, however at a certain point in time – we almost couldn’t have got through a conversation without multiple Superbad references.

All of these things considered, I have certainly convinced myself that the film is worthy of the spot as my favourite comedy. Whilst that may change from day-to-day, it is certainly one that is consistently in the running. Regardless of whether it is your favourite comedy, I truly believe you would struggle to raise a reasonable argument that this is not a comedy film that will become an absolute era-defining classic.