Day 2 – Least Favourite Film

Given the struggle that I have in selecting a consistent favourite film, it should come as no surprise that choosing my least favourite is just as difficult. Where with the challenge of narrowing down a favourite film you are flooded with so many memorable options, the issue is quite the opposite in this case. Every “bad” film that I have watched I have pretty much put to the back of my mind and decided to either never watch it again or may have watched it multiple times but still choose to forget I have watched it even once.

Another issue that I have is that bizarrely I tend to manage to take a positive attitude into all films and at least manage to find some slight good in the film that I wanted to completely hate. So, to make my decision easier I have decided to take the angle of the film that is my least favourite being the one that I was told to expect so much from and ended up disappointed in. For me, that film is Avatar.


The film was well received critically and was an absolute smash at the box office, surely there is no way anyone could hate a film that ticks those two boxes? Oh yes there is.

For me, the only draw to this film is the special effects. At the time of its release, everyone was talking about how incredible the film was and how it was a complete game changer. For me, the way I consider it a game changer is in the way of being one of the first films to be released in 3D where cinemas upgraded from the traditional blue and red 3D glasses to some bulkier Buddy Holly style glasses.

Aside from the 3D elements, I can’t really recall much about the film. Visually it may have been stunning and combined a beautiful colour pallet with some amazing innovative special effects, however being innovative and being the first to do something doesn’t make you the best at it.

I honestly can’t begin to recall a thing about the story, which to me says that the film is very much style over substance. This is something you can get away with when it is done in an arthouse film, but for this film to have such a budget I want a little story that I’m going to remember.


I’m sure there are people out there who are passionate fans of this film and would absolutely 100% disagree with everything that I have said in this post, and that is absolutely fine. People are entitled to their opinion, and for some, this will be the best film that they have ever seen. For me, it is the people who were saying that at the time of the film’s release that has cemented this as my least favourite film.

If there is one thing worse than being disappointed by a film in itself, it is having been told prior to watching it that it will change your life.