Day 1 – Favourite Film

It’s been a while since I put something up here, and I have missed writing this blog but I have been otherwise occupied having recently moved to London to start an MA in Screenwriting. With wanting to study screenwriting and my BA being in Film and Screenwriting – it should be abundantly clear that something that is at the core of who I am is my love of film, however, I have yet to really put that across here on my blog. So I thought, having seen a former tutor do a 10-day film challenge – I would try and replicate that for you lovely people.

One of the questions you are asked most as a film student is “what’s your favourite film?” a question that broadly is answered with umming and erring and an eventual response of “I don’t really have one” or “it depends what day it is”. In fact, in one of my first lectures we were bet that we wouldn’t be able to name it – and only one person thought they could (although he was stupid enough not only to answer the question but also answer it with “Harry Potter” which of course is a series consisting of eight films rather than the one).

So, having racked my brains and forced myself to make a decision – even if it may change by the next time I think about it, even if I am still not completely sure I have made the right choice, and even if it is literally just for this blog post – I can finally give an answer to the question. My favourite film is Her.


Whilst I may not have spent all that much time discussing cinema on this blog, one thing I have spent a considerable amount of time discussing is the director of this film Spike Jonze. This is one of the films I have anticipated the release of most, and when it finally was released cinematically here in the UK, I went to the cinema that weekend and instead I watched a remake of Endless Love. It was Valentine’s weekend and I had a girlfriend at the time. However, when I finally managed to see Her it was so worth the wait.

What I love most about this film, and the reason I think I had to choose it for this post is the way that it combines so many elements that I love about other films. In terms of its setting, the beautiful, unmistakeable high-rise buildings of East Asia (although used here to represent a futuristic LA)  are one of the features of Lost in Translation that I love so much. The slow, dialogue-heavy screenplay that invests so much time into its characters and their development is something that I love about a lot of the mumblecore films. However, it combines a number of other passions of mine that come from all over, as opposed to just similarities to other films I enjoy. There is the beautiful soundtrack provided by one of my favourite bands in the form of Arcade Fire that rounds the whole film off perfectly. The wardrobe choices and styling throughout are something that I can’t help but love, and there is a moustache so bold it could (foolishly) inspire anyone to attempt to pull it off.

So my favourite director writing and directing a film that falls into my favourite genre and is soundtracked by one of my favourite bands? It sounds to me like I have provided enough of a reason to call this my favourite film. At least until the next time I’m really drunk and decide that Stuart Little 2 is my favourite film.