Songs That Sample The Movies

My love of the worlds of film and music have collided in a blog post once before where I discussed my favourite soundtracks to films, but I thought it was about time to elaborate on that a little bit and switch the roles around. What happens not when the song I love appear in the movies, but the movies appear in the songs I love? Generally, it works out to be amazing.

Now, I should clarify that some of the movies that are sampled in these songs I haven’t actually watched, however that doesn’t stop me from enjoying their usage – albeit a little out of context. Let’s see what happens when music and film collide.

Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

What better place to start than with Nutini’s sample of a classic Charlie Chaplin speech from The Great Dictator – a film that has stuck with me since I first watched it. It is a fantastic film and the fact that a passionate speech that was written for a film released in the era of Hitler has never failed in maintaining its relevance says something about Chaplin’s ability as a writer. If you haven’t seen it, you absolutely must change that fact. If you haven’t heard the song, unless you are a huge Nutini fan that somehow has managed to miss this then it’s not all that important.

Primal Scream – Loaded

On the other end of the spectrum lies a song that I absolutely love, but a film that I have never seen. Bobbie Gillespie and the gang take a sample of Peter Fonda from the film Wild Angels. Though I haven’t seen the film, if it is anywhere near as good as this song I will certainly be giving it a watch. The song makes me immediately think of films such as Trainspotting bizarrely, but I suppose with such a drug-inspired song from a Scottish band it does make sense really – especially because the band contributed songs to the soundtrack.

Wu-Tang Clan – Bring Da Ruckus

When it comes to sampling films in music, there are very few people who do it quite as regularly as Wu-Tang, the name Wu-Tang even comes from a film. The cross-over has continued far past naming and sampling, with central member RZA going on to pursue a career in creating film scores as well as appearing in films such as Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai. With all this pointless information on board, just enjoy this absolute belter of a song, although I can’t comment on Shaolin vs Wu-Tang as a film.

Jay-Z and Kanye West – Ni**as in Paris

So far there have been few songs on this list that have been songs that I love that combine films that I love, however that changes here. When modern hip-hop giants Jay and Ye announced that they would be teaming up to record an album, I must admit I wasn’t convinced as I felt they had both hit their peak and were declining. However, with this song, I was won around. I couldn’t get enough of this song, particularly with its inclusion of a sample from Will Ferrell film Blades of Glory – a film I would watch a lot at the time this song was released.

Fun Lovin Criminals – Scooby Snacks

Fun Lovin Criminals are a band that I haven’t really listened too for quite some time, but were very much present in my childhood particularly this song. One thing that has entered my life more as I have got old is the cinema of Quentin Tarantino, and fortunately for me when I was a child I was unaware that this song sampled two of his classic films Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction – two films that are defining of both the era they were released, but also of a certain period of my life. The combination of this band and the two samples from Tarantino films make for one of the most 90s-nostalgia feelings you will ever have generated in you.