As of Monday, I’m spending a few weeks living my personal dream and travelling around the USA. Starting in Seattle and heading down as far as Los Angeles before making my way back east to visit Austin and Brooklyn amongst other places – it’s safe to say I’m very excited to get out on the open road (or rather use the cheapest combination of air, bus, and train travel) and get immersed in the cultures of the various cities.

For any travelling I guess it’s important to pack your back properly rather than spend your trip cursing the items you left back home. Following the mantra of “live heavy, travel light” I’m going with only carry-on baggage, and this is what I’ll be taking. I’m not going to bore you with details of just which pair of black jeans I decided to take with me,  however, here is an insight into what I will be taking in my rucksack on my travels.


1. Sofos Bag

Although my brown leather satchel would’ve screamed out “writer on tour” at every coffee shop I hit up on my travels, it would have been impractical for travelling with. Step up to the plate Sofos, whose bag is not only big enough to cope with travelling but is also quite nice to look at.

2. HUF Cap

I’ve not been much of a hat-wearer for a while, but I paid a little above the odds for this about 5/6 years ago and now I’m going to experience some lazy and crazy hair days, it’s the perfect time to just whack a cap on it.

3. Animal by Sara Pascoe

I’m a big fan of Pascoe’s standup, I’m a big fan of feminism, and I’m a big fan of learning. As much as I regard myself as a feminist, there is still a hell of a lot for me to learn about the (much varied, very large) plight of being a woman.

4. Meet Me In The Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011 by Lizzy Goodman

I love New York, and not just because I read it on a T-Shirt once. I love this era of music in New York (which includes bands such as LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, !!!, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and many others) so it’s made for a great read as well as providing me with something of a musical map to visit while I’m in Brooklyn.

5. Passport

I mean, this is a no brainer really isn’t it?

6. Hip Flask

With laws in the USA a little stricter on the old “let’s get a big bag of cans and drink these on the train” thing, I’m going to be doing a bit of my drinking in discreet spirit form. I’m young, dumb, and full of rum.

7. Pocket Notepad

As much as notes are easy to make on your phone, I’m going to be trying to avoid using my phone as much as possible, so having a pocket notepad will come in handy when trying to make notes of all the amazing ideas I have.

8. Olympus MJU and Fujifilm C200 35mm Film

I love shooting on film and so this lovely little compact 35mm camera and accompanying film are going to be getting a lot of usage on my travels.

9. Sunglasses (2 Pairs, obviously)

Why wouldn’t you want two pairs when they’re £2 each? I’ll probably end up collating more of these on the road to be honest with you…

10. MacBook Air

How else would I keep everyone updated with this top-quality content? It’ll also help to have some screenwriting software to hand as soon as I get to a Starbucks in Hollywood.

11. External Hard Drive

This is where I store any footage that I’ve shot or any old scripts etc. so hopefully I’m going to squeeze in a bit of editing time and finally (apologies to everyone that gave time to work on the shoot) finish the short film that I shot nearly two years ago now.

12. Sony Cybershot DSC-W270

As per advice from my best friend’s dad, I decided to invest in a digital camera as well, because as he pointed out – shooting entirely on film is potentially a pretty stupid idea. By taking this with me, I’m going to ensure that I actually have some memories documented when I realise everything I shot on film went completely tits up.

13. Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all

(See “5. Passport”.)

14. A4 Notepad

(See “7. Pocket Notepad”, and also realise I like to mention being a writer and carrying all the appropriate gear more than I actually write.)