It should come as no surprise by now that skateboarding has had a large influencing in shaping me (both metaphorically and literally) into the person I am today. My taste in music, fashion sense, passion for photography and cinema, and my general outlook on life are just a handful of things that have been hugely influenced by my time riding around on four wheels.

When it comes to things that influenced me in particular, here are 5 video parts that to this day have left a lasting impression.


Dylan Rieder “dylan.”

I’ve already referenced this video part in my first Set The Record Straight, so it’s fairly obvious that the use of Better Days by Graham Nash is something I love about this part. What I also have a fondness for is Dylan Rieder as a whole. He is effortlessly stylish and looks cool both on and off the board, and is able to stomp down some huge tricks without ever really compromising that.

Austyn Gillette “Austyn Unlimited”

It is often said of skateboarders that they have an ability to see the world in a different way to most, and what I really enjoy about this part is that you actually do get to see a lot of the world. Like a travel/skate video hybrid, the part is complete with a Future Islands soundtrack and some big pops and makes it a video that I would happily watch, even if I had no idea what was going on skating-wise.

Billy Marks “Good and Evil”

Super 8. Fast and intense. Music. Free DVD when younger. Throw a Franz Ferdinand song, some thrashy big stair skating, and some Super 8 footage together and what do you get? The first video part I ever became obsessed with. When I was about 10 I got Good and Evil free with a magazine and would watch this part religiously everyday when I started skating. And so, another loyal pawn was born.

Chaz Ortiz “Go All Day”

This part is probably the main part where the skating had much less to do with the inspiration, but rather the cinematography. Completed in one-take this is what opened my eyes to the possibility of one-shot cinema, long before I had seen it in fiction filmmaking. This is probably one of the parts that made me pursue cinema as a medium of study.

Guy Mariano “Pretty Sweet”

I can’t talk about skating pursuing my passion for cinema without referencing something associated with Spike Jonze. Although by this point Jonze’s skate filming days are almost definitely long gone – his companies Girl and Chocolate skateboards released this mamoth video. From the signature celebrity cameos, to incredible special effects, anything out of the Crailtap distributors is more like a fiction film than a skate video in terms of production value. Guy Mariano’s part in the video is one that really stuck out for the skating as some of the tricks were face-meltingly good. Unfortunately, due to copyright – that part isn’t available to share, so instead get a taste of the spectacle of Girl Films and Chocolate Cinema with the opening sequence (again, a one-shot opening).