So I’ve been posting (fairly irregularly) for a little while now and thought it was probably time to introduce myself a little bit. Although I try my best to come across as myself in the way I write the blog posts, doing one of these quizzes never really hurt anyone.

So here are 25 questions (including a couple from the amazing Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast “Emergency Questions” list), and the honest answers.

1. Would you rather have a magic mirror in which you could see your dead relatives, as if alive again, but they couldn’t speak to you, just glumly wave or a 2 for 1 voucher for any main meal at Pizza Express (Monday-Thursday)? I’ll take mine with a side of dough balls, please.

2. What is your favourite drink? I love me a golden ale. Tatton Brewery, if you ever want to bankroll the drinking habit for a writer please see my contact page.

3. What is your favourite song at the moment? A friend of mine introduced me to Joanna Newsom, and I’m loving “En Gallop” quite a bit at the minute.

4. What is your favourite food? I’m half tempted to say all of it, but that is just completely not true. Big fan of a burrito, but Saag Paneer is the one.

5. What is the last thing you bought? If we’re talking outside of a pub or cafe, it was probably either a camera (Olympus MJU) or a bag.

6. Favourite book of all time? Love, Sex & Other Foreign Policy Goals by Jesse Armstrong.

7. Are you named after anyone? I’m named Oscar after Oscar Wilde, but the middle name comes from Dylan Thomas. I’ll be a let down to my namesakes if I don’t get anywhere with writing.

8. Tell us one of your bad habits. Walking home when I’m drunk (as in, walking for 8 hours).

9. Did you have any embarrassing teenage phases? I mean I grew my hair long, but I’m not embarrassed by that. Probably the weirdest thing I did was take pictures of roadkill and had a Tumblr dedicated to it. Pretty mad follower count.

10. Do you speak any other language? Por supuesto que si.

11. How many siblings do you have? Too many (4).

12. What is your favourite shop? I mean the Tesco round the corner from my flat in my first year did me a solid by constantly having stock of cold beers. Also had a banging reduced section.

13. Favourite restaurant? Lucky Fox in Sheffield. Love me some Chick’n’Fries with poutine.

14. When was the last time you cried? Bleak… I tried to cry earlier, but it didn’t work because I probably used up my tear quota when I last cried a couple of weeks ago. Bereavement will do funny things to you won’t it?

15. Favourite Movie? I’d struggle to make a commitment to a top 5 that would last for anything longer than a couple of minutes, but a few I’m going to go with Her just because it was probably the one I’ve been most looking forward to seeing when it got released.

16. Favourite TV shows? I’m a bit of a sitcom geek, so Peep Show, The Office, Arrested Development, People Just Do Nothing, It’s Always Sunny, Love and Master of None all make an appearance, but also a special shoutout to Masterchef for consistently looking tasty.

17. PC or Mac? Mac.

18. How tall are you? Tall enough.

19. Can you cook? I love cooking, but it’s safe to say since I moved home I haven’t really flexed that muscle all that much.

20. Who’s your celebrity crush? Who don’t I have a crush on? I’m in love with so many people it’s getting hard to keep track of it.

21. Do you have a nickname? Ozzy. Ozzy Thunder. The Munter Hunter. Whiskey Dick. Oscarface. Pablo Oscarbar. Mainly just Ozzy though.

22. How would you describe your fashion sense? Trying way too hard.

23. Richard Dawkins once claimed to have seen two dogs doing a 69. What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told to impress someone? I once told a girl on a night out that I wrote for the final series of Fresh Meat and she really didn’t buy into it, until I explained that it was the show with Jack Whitehall in, not the one with Will Smith from the 90s.

24. What’s your party trick? When I shake my arm, my arm jiggles like a forearm bingo wing.

25. Give us a quote. “I’m starting to get this feeling that I’m totally, totally fucked”.