Whatever bollocks you all decided you were going to claim to try and do for 12 months, I’m actually sticking to my resolution (although it is pretty much a whole month late) – I’m going to give you all the low-brow content you could ever dream of for the rest of time.

There’s a lot of things I love in life, myself not being one, but probably at the centre of a lot of the things I love – skateboarding, film, art, running, etc. – is something else, and that something is music. Honestly, the number of hours I’ve spent searching for or crafting the perfect playlist for the mood I’m in at that exact moment that I will never feel again is unreal.

It’s not something that makes me particularly special, but I do just bloody love music. And I bloody love discovering new music, which is why I want to share that gift of stumbling upon a set of bangers old and new each month through the rest of the years. It’s not a mix or a playlist as such, but rather a collection of songs I’ve found a love for in the month, and naturally the year kicks off in January – therefore so does this monthly blog post.

Better Days – Graham Nash

Although it’s a month of hope and new beginnings for many, that doesn’t take away from how sad of a month January can be for others. Now I’m not saying January was an especially sad month in comparison to others in recent times, but having a song like this can certainly help you through it. Because yes, things do change, but happy memories will always remain. It is not about moving on as such, but rather learning to live with the memories of the past – learning not to let them drag you down, but rather to let them prop you up. You must face yourself and you must say “I remember better days” a message I have taken into every day with me since I first heard this song. Also, this song soundtracks the incredible dylan. part for the 2-5 minute section. Look at that sexy motherfucker skate.

Always This Late – Odesza

In January I got my first (and second) tattoo. People will tell you different stories about their tattoo experience and how much it did or didn’t hurt, but one thing that’s for sure is that I doubt few people have as much of a laugh as I did their first time as I did with Dan. The bloke was a proper laugh, and despite not having signed and NDA – I won’t be going into the bulk of what we discussed. However, one thing I will mention is his music recommendation, which came in the way of the band Odesza. The first thing I did when leaving was get in the car and put this album on, and boy does it start with a bang. It might have been the adrenaline high talking, but this song is certainly one that I will keep with me for a long time.

Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads

Psycho Killer was always a song that I’d loved, but my knowledge of Talking Heads pretty much stopped there. I’m ashamed to admit that if you’d have referenced a song called Road To Nowhere, I’d have probably assumed you were talking about the Max and Paddy opening song. January changed that though, and I became more acquainted with the back catalogue of the Scots. By no means is this song part of the back catalogue, but still, that doesn’t mean you love it any less.

Changes – Charles Bradley

Don’t worry any purists reading this, I’m going to point out the fact that I am well aware that this is not the original version of the song. I’m a big fan of the Black Sabbath version, particularly when I’d previously thought that the only thing Ozzy Osbourne could provide me with was the most long-standing nickname I’ll ever have (well I’m hoping that people can’t keep “Whiskey Dick” up for as long as they have “Ozzy” anyway). However, this Charles Bradley version offers something else entirely. The gritty quality to his voice adds a level of raw emotion that I’d imagine Osbourne could only muster up on a come-down. In a way not too dissimilar from Johnny Cash’s The American Story albums, this cover seems to tell the story in a completely different and arguably more effective way than the original. Oh, and it’s on Big Mouth, what a great fucking show that is.

Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club

I’m not really too sure what kind of rock I’d been living under to avoid actually listening to Bombay Bicycle Club all this time. For at least 4 of the 6 years since this song was released, this kind of music has been my exact vibe. Not to mention the fact the track also featured on an MLB video game I used to play (because I’m too edgy to like cricket). It was only when stumbling home drunk from town with my headphones in that a playlist on shuffle through this song at me and it provoked so many happy feelings when it began playing. Although, come to thing of it: this song and drunkness may also have combined to result in happiness at Leadmill a few times when I was a little bit heavier on the drunkness than on my walk home that night.